Dreamy newborn

Those first few hours to days in the hospital after giving birth to your baby are a magical blur.  The excitement of finally meeting that little baby who’s been growing inside you is indescribable.   Once you combine pure hormonal flurry with pain-numbing meds you end up loosing track of time & forgetting the perfect little details of those fleeting & magical moments.

I had the pleasure of documenting this special time for my friend & her family as they welcomed the most perfect little baby girl into the world.  Baby Tennyson was only hours old but already had her big brother wrapped around her fingers

 He was the proudest big brother I’ve ever seen.  Capturing these precious moments for my friend was truly a joy & I know she will always treasure these memories.  

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Cotton Field

My kiddos had never seen real-live cotton growing in a field until a couple of months ago, when we visited my family in Georgia.  Although cotton was a Georgia staple for many years, I rarely see those fluffy white fields on red GA mud anymore.  As we drove into town, we spied the most glorious cotton fields lining the highway.  My hubby pulled over on the side of the road so we could let the kids see the cotton tufts up close.  The kids LOVED it!!!  

I wanted to get some great shots of the fluffy white wonderland, but we had been driving for 8 hours & none of us were in the mood for picture taking.  So the next day, my Mom & I packed the kiddos in the car & drove back to the fields to get some photos.  It wasn’t until we got out of the car & trudged through the red clay field, when, in a classic ADHD moment, I realized that my camera was not in my camera bag :/  SO… we packed the kiddos back in the car & drove back to the house to get my camera… ’cause I REALLY WANTED THOSE COTTON FIELD pictures!!!

Needless to say, once we finally made it back to the field, with my camera, the kids’ enthusiasm for cotton & willingness to cooperate with picture-taking had long passed.  Oh well… I was able to snap a few keeper shots anyway (even though my daughter refused to stop or look at the camera.)

Thanks for stopping by to see my hard-earned cotton field pics… I totally think they were worth it!  :)  -Kathryn


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