Horse country

Ok… so, I grew up in NW Georgia… in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Despite my full-on country raisen’ (insert banjo music here);  my formative years were lacking of any meaningful horse exposure.  Now, as an adult, I find myself in southern LA horse country… with polo ponies and all.  The beauty and grace of this area of the country and it’s inhabitants is immediately apparent, even to an outsider.  Recently, I was lucky enough to get an insider’s view of the Folsom horse country thanks to Jennifer Rice of   Here are just a few of the beautiful shots I was lucky enough to snap that afternoon

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My Mom recently emailed me a picture of myself that she took of a 4-year-old me  playing on Christmas morning.  I loved the cheese-ball smile I had on my face, but I  really enjoyed seeing the toys I was playing with and remembering the totally 70s couch complete with groovy throw pillow.  

I immediately remembered what it felt like on that Christmas morning, and then I had a LIGHTBULB moment.  THIS is what I should be doing!  I should be doing lifestyle sessions for clients in their home.

So for the first time this year, I’m offering Dreamy Lifestyle Sessions to clients!!!  I am so excited to be able to do this for my clients… to artistically document the ones they love most in a setting that is most meaningful to them – their home.  Like these images of my daughter (some of my most favorite ever) playing in her room. 

I am now booking Dreamy Lifestyle Sessions for 2013.  Please email me if you are interested in booking your very own


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This photo has been submitted to the Rock The Shot Forum’s best shot of 2012 challenge.

I took this image last summer of my daughter playing on the beach.  The abstract/impressionistic feel was a total accident.  I meant to focus on her, but the autofocus goofed & everything was blissfully blurry.  Once I uploaded it to my computer, I was so glad it wasn’t in focus!  I love the pastel colors & the carefree emotion of the image & I think the blurriness adds a dreamy feeling.  Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that creates the magic!


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Portrait of a Princess

This shoot started simply as I snapped a few quick photos of my daughter playing with her new tea set while wearing her Belle gown.  Both were Christmas gifts from my aunts, & I wanted to some pics of her enjoying the gifts.  I set up a makeshift studio with a plain white paper backdrop and sunlight from my kitchen window.  After I uploaded the images to my computer, I decided that although white background looked fine, I wanted something a bit more magical.  

I wanted an aged/antique look similar to real portraits of European royalty I’d seen with just a touch of magic.  To get that rich look, I added several layers of textures from Jessica Drossin’s Illumination set  Not familiar with using textures?  You can read more about how/why photographers use textures to add depth and, well, texture to their images  I LOVE how they turned out!  

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