Commercial clothing shoot

Recently, I dove head-first into the world of commercial photography when I agreed to shoot the Virginial Dunn Spring 2013 line (  I have done a couple of little commercial/product projects here and there in the past, but nothing to this scale.  It was a lot of fun & a lot of hard work.  I quickly learned that shooting a clothing line on spunky little models is quite a bit different than doing portrait shoots.  My beautiful little models were sooooo great!  



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Fall fauna

Fall is such a yummy time for outdoor photography.  This is the time of year the “golden hour” is its most golden & delicious.  The leaves are turning, apples are in season, the air is crisp, and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Wait, what?  wildflowers, you say?

Yes, here in southern Louisiana, fall brings beautiful hues of purple, yellow, & white by the way of gorgeous wildflowers.  They grow on the sides of the roads, on the creek banks, & and most anywhere left overgrown and wild.  It would be easy to overlook these lovely little patches of color since they decide to pop up in the most unkempt of areas… a little reminder that beauty can be found anywhere, even the most unexpected of places.

Still-life photography is definitely not my specialty, but I wanted to capture some of the fall flora & fauna, so I took my camera & went on a wildflower hunt.  I took all of these shots on the short ride from my home to my daughter’s daycare.  I hope you enjoy my fall flowers & remember to look for the unexpected beauty in your life

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Everyday photos

Happy Monday evening dreamers!

One of my resolutions this year was to take more “everyday” photos of my family.  I am happy to say that we are 10 months into this year & this has been one resolution I have been happy to keep.  I still catch myself trying to plan shots of my kids, but I guess that just goes with my type A/ OCD personality

  In the end, it is likely those spontaneous moments that happen while you are making other plans that you will remember and cherish most.  Those are the moments I hope to document with my camera.  That is true for my client shoots, but it is even more true for my family pics. 

This past weekend, it was rainy and soggy the whole weekend long… not great for most outdoor activities including taking portraits.  So what was a girl to do?  Make pillow forts with the kiddos, of course!  Believe it or not, they actually asked me to come take pictures of them!  These are some of the pictures from this weekend.  They aren’t great portraits, but great photos of my kids being kids, & that’s what I want. 

Professional portraits with the blurry background and crisp focus have their place on every family’s walls, but don’t forget the importance of everyday photos of your family.  Here are some pics of my family.  I hope you enjoy! 

They even turned the camera on me!  Here I am…


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