Autumn glow

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Any photographer will tell you that the best time of day to take photographs is during the “golden hour” (the hour after sunrise and before sunset.)  Of course, in reality, one can take great photographs anytime of day, but there is truly something magical about those few precious moments in “the golden hour” when the light glances off the surface of the earth in such a way that everything seems to sparkle & glow.  Evening sessions in the fall are espicially gorgeous because the foliage begins to turn warm red & yellow hues, which when reflecting the diffuse golden light makes everyone look beautiful.

Recently, I convinced my good friend to let her daughter play with mine in the evening autumn glow while I snapped a few pics.  Despite the mosquitoes & worries of West Nile (there’s an outbreak here in NOLA, ok… we aren’t completely neurotic), we had lots of fun and captured some great memories

  Here are some of the images from that evening… enjoy!

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My new {dreamy} blog!

Hello dreamers!  Welcome to my new {dreamy} blog

  This will be the place I share my photography projects & other artsy stuff.  I know it’s not much yet & not quite as elegant as I would like it, but it’s a start.   I have so much that I want to share with you guys!  Thank you for stopping by   Unitl next time, keep dreamin’!


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